About Us

The Nutritional Therapy Hub

The Nutritional Therapy Hub was founded to change the dynamic of healthcare, providing clients an easier, more efficient way to work with health practitioners. We want you to take control of your chronic illness and preventative health care and we are here to guide and help you.

On NutritionalTherapyHub.com you can match with a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) who will work with you to identify and address the root cause of your symptoms. We will have you fill out some onboarding client forms to better understand you and your needs.

Once you are matched with an NTP you can schedule a session and begin your healing journey. Your session will be right on NutritionalTherapyHub.com using our integrated video chat platform. We charge per session so you will only be charged when you meet with your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. We want to make taking control of your health convenient and affordable.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a bio-individual approach to supporting the body through nutrition. We use the therapeutic effects of a natural, nutrient dense, whole foods diet to address specific health concerns. Nutritional Therapy looks at the body as a whole and addresses the source of health concerns rather than simply treating the symptoms.

We work with clients dealing with all types of issues including fatigue, blood sugar regulation, joint pain, adrenal dysfunction, digestive issues, trouble sleeping, skin issues, weight gain / weight loss, hormonal imbalance, Anxiety / Depression, autoimmunity and much more.

Who is behind Nutritional Therapy Hub?

Joshua Gallatin, NTP, Founder

After graduating in 2016 from the Denver Nutritional Therapy Practitioner class, Josh worked hard to get his nutrition business up and running. Through his own experience and after speaking with many classmates and fellow NTP’s, he realized that starting a nutrition business takes a lot of management skills. Many people are inexperienced in this area or don’t have the time to create client management processes for their business. He was struggling to keep clients organized while trying to grow a new business and it was limiting business growth.

Josh is passionate about bringing new clients to Nutritional Therapy. Nutritional Therapy changes lives in many profound ways and empowers people to take charge of their health. He believes that people can't live up to their true potential without optimal health. 

Josh created the Nutritional Therapy Hub to bring new people to Nutritional Therapy and help NTP and NTC graduates with client management, helping to organize clients and create streamline processes for their business. He wanted to make it affordable and easy so practitioners can focus on growing their business and helping their clients. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to contact Josh! josh@nutritionaltherapyhub.com