Practitioner Page

On your personalized practitioner page, you can manage all of your clients and prospective clients, access clients’ secure files, access your clients’ pages, and much more.

Client Page

Each of your clients will have their own client page they can log into through a secure login. On their page they can schedule sessions, make payments, review nutritional recommendations, and message their practitioner, upload documents, and more.

1-1 Video Sessions

Meet with your clients on our integrated video portal right from your profile page (text/voice is also available). You set the price for each session, and get paid before the session begins.

Nutritional Recommendations

Upload Nutritional Recommendation directly to your client's page. You can even do this during your video session! Practitioners and clients can access these any time on the client's page.


Message back and forth with your clients right from your page. Answer questions, set up appointments, send links to your blog and supplement site, etc.

Secure File Management

Client and Practitioner can upload files to client's account. All client information is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. Files are accessible only by the client and their practitioner. Practitioner can access client files from either their client's page or from their client list on their practitioner page.

Prospective Client Management

Keep track of your prospective clients right on your practitioner page. Easily manage your prospective list, send them messages and updates so you can turn them into paying clients!


Clients can pay you directly through the website. You set your own price for your services. Clients can buy multiple sessions at once for a customized package. Cash out at any time.

Integrated Scheduler

Clients can schedule a session directly on their practitioner’s page. Practitioners can block out dates and times they are available for a session.

Task Manager
Create tasks for yourself and your clients to complete.
Collaborative Blog

Practitioners can upload their blog posts to a NTHub Blog and reach all of the clients on the site.

Features Coming Soon!

Practitioner Forum

Practitioners can ask questions, share knowledge, and interact with other practitioners on the NTHub Practitioner Forum.

Request New Client

Request a new client and get placed on a list to tap into the flow of new clients looking for a practitioner.

Customized Fillable Forms
Create your own forms and waivers for your clients to complete right on their client page.


Free Subscription

Full-access subscription with a limit of 3 clients.

Unlimited Subscription

Full-access subscription with unlimited clients for only $45 per month.

If you are a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner or Consultant, register today to get started!